Why Alice chose me

What really happened on that day in August

When I started my adventure in the world of art I was inspired by the book “Alice in Wonderland”.

All happened so quickly and so casually that thinking back to those moments always makes me smile a little.

The question I often ask myself is how it all happened.

It is possible that, while I was looking through the library before my departure, searching for a book to keep me company on the train journey, it was actually this text that chose me. As like in Alice excperience, so many strange things have happened since that day that I begin to think that nothing is impossible! I have asked myself this many times over the years, and while I am writing this, I am still asking myself!

The thing that captured me right away is the story of this little girl, who without realising it, falls asleep next to her sister and embarks on this wonderful adventure, made of ever new challenges, unexpected events, strange characters and a whole series of adventures.

As you glide through the pages you become part of everything that happens to her and you spontaneously think of how boundless the author’s imagination was.

But if you go deeper, you immediately realise that Alice is not just a children’s fairy tale, not just a succession of strange characters and fantastic adventures, but the story of a little girl who becomes a woman, and the connection was probably born because that’s what was happening to me.

The fantasy was becoming reality!

Behind every adventure, hidden in every character there is a profound moral, a life lesson and surely at least one of these adventures happened to you too!

At this point it is necessary to take a step back and return to those days when a change took place in me…

I have always been passionate about everything that is art, about everything that gives emotion, because this is what art is for me, what moves you inside, what catches your eye and then enters your soul.

I live on emotions and my memories are always accompanied by a scent, by a sensation…well, that morning I remember the euphoria that precedes a new adventure, the call to take Alice with me, a pencil and a notebook, the run towards the train, the scent of the pages and of the charcoal.

Then finally there, sitting in that carriage full of people, it was as if no one had been there, there was only me and those beautiful words, that evoked in me the image of funny characters, who accompanied this fantastic little girl in an enchanted world.

As if Alice’s adventures had been a bit like my own, there were phrases and situations that brought back memories of episodes from my own life and I often found myself believing that I too had my White Rabbit or my Mad Hatter!

Several years have passed since that afternoon, but I can assure you that every time I start drawing on a new canvas, the emotion is always the same. Every time there is something new, a nuance that I hadn’t noticed, a concept that had escaped me.

This happens because ever since I started painting I like the words of the writer to be the background to my drawings. So it happens that when I find myself in front of a new canvas, I open the pages of the book at random and start writing. By copying the texts I have the feeling of entering this wonderful world and I am with Alice when she asks the Cheshire Cat which direction she should take or even when she can’t answer the Caterpillar when he asks her “Who are you?”.

While I am writing I start to travel with my imagination and it is in this moment that the most bizarre characters start to appear, surrounded by what my mind suggests and my heart commands.

Sometimes they come out in black and white, just charcoal and nothing else, sometimes there are explosions of colour, it depends on the moment, and every time it’s a discovery! Alice accompanied me all the way here, we held hands and travelled in distant worlds without ever feeling the need to keep our feet on the ground.

Certainly one of the most beautiful things that this little big girl has passed on to me is the good habit of 4 thinking of six impossible things before breakfast, which I assure you is a great exercise! Mine have almost always been the same since I started.

I’m honest, I’ve achieved a couple of them, and one is to have started this journey into art. So I am increasingly convinced that there are very few impossible things to realize!


Camilla Giannini artista a Pistoia

Ciao, sono Camilla

Sono un’artista autodidatta di Pistoia con una grande passione per la favola di “Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie”.

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