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Hi, I’m Camilla

I am a self-taught artist from Pistoia, a small town in the heart of Tuscany, with a great passion for painting.

My paintings


My works are the result of my imagination and inspiration. Some have almost manic details, others great explosions of color…it depends on the mood!

I love to paint on wooden boards with charcoal and acrylic paints, but I’m curious by nature, so I always try to experiment with different techniques and materials, paying particular attention to the dialogue between the phrases, words and images that characterize my works.

In my first experience in the art world I proposed a personal vision of the fantasy tale “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll.

My new project “Fallen Houses” is inspired by a context of an ideal city in which I would like the viewers to let themselves be transported: a city made of alleys and dilapidated houses, in which the harmony and the almost maniacal precision of the graphic line contrasts with pictorial elements of great intensity and impact.

Are my dreams too ambitious? Definitely yes!

So, every morning I think about six impossible things before breakfast.

-Title Vacanze Romane

-Materials Acrylic and charcoal on wooden board.

-Size 50×50 cm

-Year August 2021

-Title Time

-Materials Acrylic and charcoal on wooden board.

-Size 80×100 cm

-Year September 2020

-Title Take It Easy

-Materials Acrylic and charcoal on wooden board.

-Size 40×50 cm

-Year January 2020

-Title Blinding Lights

-Materials Charcoal on wooden board.

-Size 60×100 cm

-Year December 2020

-Title Musica leggerissima

-Materials Charcoal on wooden board.

-Size 40×80 cm

-Year November 2020

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