This catalog is the result of my first three years of work on the “Alice in Wonderland” theme.

It was printed in December 2019 and presented on 08/02/2020 at the Giunti store in Pistoia through which it was also distributed.

I felt the need to collect my early works, which are here reported photographically in high quality, trying to find a thread that told what was the albore of my artistic journey.


The catalog consists of 71 pages in which are interspersed curiosity about me, images of my works and sentences taken from the book in Italian. The size is 25 x 25 cm and is printed on high quality paper.

Time and mode of shipment:
The shipment will be made within 21 working days after receipt of the order.
The order will be carefully packaged and will have inside the Certificate of Authenticity.
The catalog will arrive in a reinforced envelope.


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