Making art is not impossible!

How one of the six impossible things came true…

There was a moment in my life when I realized that if you really believe in it, it’s possible to make even the most impossible dream come true.
If you have already read the other article on my blog, you will know that I have a good habit every morning of thinking of six impossible things before breakfast, and today I want to tell you how one of the impossible things became reality!
Maybe it’s because one of my favorite concepts from the book “Alice in Wonderland” is that so many strange things happen every day that there comes a time when you really start to believe that it’s happening to you, because nothing is impossible.
The first time I picked up a pencil with the intention of drawing I was on a train and something unlocked in me … those hours of travel flew and when I got off at the station I was no longer the same one who had left that morning.
I often like to think that, just like Alice, I am surrounded by the characters she meets in the book.
So I often meet the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, and the one I met before organizing the exhibition was the Caterpillar, aka Andrea Mati, and I understood what Goethe wanted to express when he talked about elective affinities!
So since that moment one of the six impossible things I think about before having breakfast, was about to become reality.
On December 2019 I published a photographic catalogue of my works, driven by the need to collect my early works with the intent to find a thread that would narrate what was the dawn of my artistic journey, we set to work to organize “Curiouser“.

Catalogo the cami art


After the presentation of my collection at the ‘Giunti’ bookshop in Pistoia, I found the final push to get going and organise my first solo exhibition.
I had finally understood that painting was the path I wanted to take, and with the help of my father, who has always given me the motivation and the drive to continue on this path, we set to work and organised, supported by a crew of great professionals, my first public exhibition.
I decided to call the exhibition “Curiouser” because it means “Stranger Strange”, as Alice says at the beginning of the second chapter referring to what is happening to her, because, I admit, what has happened since I started drawing until today is far beyond my wildest imagination.
So we embarked on this adventure and between requests, permits, postponements due to this pandemic that has disrupted our lives, we finally opened the exhibition on July 31, 2021, on a hot midsummer day in the heart of the city where I live surrounded by the people I love.

Fare arte non è impossibile TheCamiArt


If you don’t know it, Pistoia is a small town in Tuscany. A stone’s throw from Florence, at the foot of high mountains and incredibly close to the sea, it is the town where I grew up, where my family and friends are.
The exhibition took place in the atrium of the Palazzo Comunale, in the heart of the beautiful Piazza del Duomo.
One of the special features of this historic building is that in the atrium adorned with beautiful 16th-century frescoes, one of the most beautiful works by the world-famous artist Marino Marini, to whom Pistoia was born, is on display.
The work, ‘Miracolo’ (Miracle), is a bronze sculpture depicting a horse in the act of unhorsing its rider after he has bolted because of a sudden event.

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I can’t describe to you the emotion I felt when was given to me the opportunity to exhibit my paintings around a work made by a great artist like Marino Marini, it is only fair to say that it was a real miracle! A short time ago I read a sentence on Instagram that made me think: “If you could relive any day of your life what would it be?”.
Well I have so many beautiful memories related to family, friendships, travel, love … but I think I would like to go back on that train and do everything I did just as I did, because I am convinced that a White Rabbit must have passed through there and that I followed him into his hole, and I would love to take you with me!
When I finally reached the finishing line of my first ‘personal’, the first thing I thought was that I don’t want to stop here…I still have so much to tell and so many fairy tales to explore; I am so temperamental, I never stop with my imagination!
I hope I haven’t bored you and that I’ve conveyed even a little of my enthusiasm… next time I’ll tell you more about how the exhibition unfolded, revealing details and curiosities.

Fare arte non è impossibile Cami

Camilla Giannini artista a Pistoia

Ciao, sono Camilla

Sono un’artista autodidatta di Pistoia con una grande passione per la favola di “Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie”.

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