January is the month of white…

What is a color? Its definition is “light composed of electromagnetic radiation of a certain wavelength or several wavelengths” but for me it is not just that. It’s not just a hue that our pupils perceive, it is not just a scale of infinite hues that we perceive and make our own…but there is a whole world behind those hues that accompany us on the wonderful journey of life and, I don’t what you think about it, but for me each color corresponds to an emotion, to a well-defined memory that sends my mind back to distant landscapes, to sensations, scents and indelible memories that are part of my emotional baggage.

Let’s begin our journey into colors with the WHITE colour….

What feelings does the white color give you?

When I think about something white, the first thing that comes to mind are clouds.
Those fluffy accumulations of tiny particles of water vapor, all different, none of them ever the same and crated with shapes that trigger the imagination. The incredible is that you want to touch them even though you know you can’t.
I grew up in the countryside, and I think back with tenderness to all those afternoons spent on top of the hill above my house, lying in the grass and watching the wind play with the clouds. I liked imagine them talking to each other while I was trying to recognize the most bizarre things in their shapes and making up stories about where they came from and fantasizing about the places they would go once the spring breeze carried them away from me.

Then I heard my mom’s voice saying to go back, and I would come home thinking that it wasn’t so bad that I could be a white cloud. Imperfect in their perfection, being able to glide from above over the world observing the lives that flow by keeping it company without expecting to be understood, only to be admired for what they are.

And what does white color bring to your mind?

The whitest character in my paintings is without a shadow of a doubt the White Rabbit!

The whitest character in my paintings is absolutely the White Rabbit!

Always lagging behind, chasing the inexorable passage of time, he is the most famous rabbit in all world. A source of inspiration for countless legends, the thing I love about this character is that thanks to him, following him down his burrow, Alice begins the most incredible journey of her life. In my opinion we all meet a White Rabbit sooner or later in our lives who drags us to new experiences, or at least I meet it, otherwise I would not be here! So my advice is that if you have the chance, you should always go down his hole, you will not regret!

The importance of white color in my paintings…

As much as I love colors in all their shades, there is always a good amount of white elements within my works.

My paintings are all drawn on wood panels, so I usually draw on a base that is not pure white, but rather close to the color of a light fir log. I prefer charcoal for the drawings, and I like to create contrasts between the drawn part and the background, which therefore becomes part of the canvas and is one of its essential elements.


Therefore, I have also created many works simply using pencils without adding other colors, they are for me the most representative paintings, the most intimate ones, the ones that have meant for me to put myself out there and pour out my emotions without filters or masks.

In the new art project I have undertaken, without abandoning the feelings that “Alice in Wonderland” continues to give me in my daily life, the element of contrast between black and white is the predominant theme.

My “Fallen Houses” live in this dimension of imperfect complementarity, a continuous struggle to emerge, but at the same time a silent and enduring alliance that sees in their union the reason for everything.

We have finished our journey into white…

have you already figured out what the color of the month of February will be?



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