Camilla Giannini chi sono

I am Camilla Giannini

and I am a self-taught artist.

I was born in 1985 in the evocative setting of an autumn day, when the trees begin to turn orange and the air becomes crisp.

It must have been this october magic that made the fascination for art in all its forms flow through me.

As a child I spent entire afternoons immersing myself in the beauty of the canvases that my father brought home. Thanks to my mother I got to know classical music and the works of Ennio Morricone, on which I enjoyed dancing.

From my love for dance and the reassuring way of finding refuge in it, the desire to become a dancer began to take hold in me. I would have loved to be admired on the stage, with my impeccable and bewitching movements, the red lipstick and the chignon, the bright clothes under the theater lights.

A perfect scene in my head, it’s a pity that the writer of my personal fairy tale had more in store for me.

He had me meet art.

Camilla Giannini artista


CAMI is me when I pick up the pencil and transform myself into an artist.

I graduated from high school and bachelored in Economics in Florence. In fact, my plans were different, but when art suddenly knocked on my door, I couldn’t resist its call.

When I create, I enter a reality of my own in which time and creativity flows from my hands and arrives on my canvases. 

I start drawing and I have a clear idea of where I want to go. But what happens in between is a beautiful mystery. I let myself be carried away by my creative instincts.

My works are the result of my imagination and inspiration. Some have almost manic details, others great explosions of color…it depends on the mood!

My hands trace drawings and words, the tubes of acrylic paint mix in shades of infinite colors. I no longer know what music I’m listening to, whether it’s raining or sunny outside, how much time has passed. It’s when the flow stops that I look at the clock and realize I’ve been engrossed in my work for hours.

My hands are smeared with charcoal, the clothes I’m wearing are a beautiful rainbow, and that scent of wood that hovers in the room, makes me feel at home every time.

The colors and drawings come together with words and phrases from a deep and unique book that has gotten me this far.

Camilla Giannini artista camiart

Meeting Alice

I’m a fan of fairy tales, but I never imagined that one of them would change my life.

It all happened in August 2016.

I accidentally found the Alice in Wonderland book before I left for Salerno. I brought it with me to keep me company during the hours of travel.

I had read and read it several times, but that day it seemed to me that those pages spoke about my life.

The story of that little girl who falls asleep and embarks on a wonderful adventure, facing more and more challenges, meeting strange characters along the way, in my eyes became mine.

I instinctively picked up the pencil and the notebook and my hands unconsciously started to trace drawings and write sentences I had just read.

I poured all the emotions I felt onto those blank pages.

This is how my first drawing was born.

It was like going down the rabbit hole of the White Rabbit, looking for the Camilla I have become today.

Every day I am a different person. Every day extraordinary things happen to me, and every day I wake up and I go in search of who I really am. An ever-evolving person, a hookah-smoking Caterpillar, who one day will  become an amazing chrysalis.

A dear friend of mine once told me, “You must first discover who you are and then, only then, can you choose what your path is. When you figure it out, start running to reach that moment of happiness.”.

Like Alice, I found my Cheshire Cat who guided me through my own personal Wonderland, and my journey has just begun.

Camilla Giannini chi sono camiart

5 curiosities about me and my art

IThe supports I use to paint are not the classic cotton canvases. They are special because they are wooden canvases prepared especially for me by an artisan woodworker.

I prefer charcoal and acrylics, but I’m curious by nature so I’m always trying to experiment with different techniques and materials.

I’m a young girl who at 36 years old has put herself on the line by revolutionizing her small intimate space to show everyone what she had inside for so long.

The opportunity to set up my first exhibition entitled “Curiouser” was born thanks to my father, the person who every day spurs me to improve and continue to believe in my dream.

In my adventure in this fantasy world I always have next to me my cat Pablo, who is to all intents and purposes my Cheshire Cat. When I find myself in front of crossroads, he reminds me that it doesn’t matter what direction I take, because the future is uncertain and we can’t know where we will arrive. The important thing is to take a path, and walk!

Maybe due to the fact that his name is in honor of Picasso, he’s a big fan of everything he finds when I draw, from brushes to charcoal, even paint appeals to him. He’s the star of my drawings when the mythical Cheshire Cat appears, with that smile that you certainly don’t forget, always reminding me that he has turned my existence around.

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